Do you have access to critical supply chain performance metrics that drive  your business decisions? Do you have real-time access to the related data that resides in your detailed planning applications? Do you need a more systemic process for simulating alternative business scenarios to make holistic supply chain decisions? Oracle® Advanced Planning Command Center offers key supply chain decision makers a comprehensive solution that provides executives and planners multi-dimensional analysis of operational, tactical, and strategic supply chain plans, robust scenario modeling and management, and automated business process execution capabilities.

Key decision makers often rely on spreadsheets, e-mail, and summary level presentations to brief executives or to monitor the health of their supply chain. This information is typically derived from the existing planning systems with a certain amount of latency because it takes time to transform detailed planning data into actionable corporate metrics. Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center solves this problem by providing a comprehensive solution that provides robust scenario management, out-ofthe-box analytics to quickly assess the business impact of scenarios, and process automation capabilities that enable you to streamline your planning processes.

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